"I believe great storytelling will change the world, and through powerful multimedia narratives we can educate, empower and inspire compassion among the masses to create a better and more equal future for all"

- HAM -

​At the root of it all, I’m a boy from Windhoek, Namibia, with a big dream and enormous shoes to fill. My father, a man raised in the English farmlands, later graduated from Oxford University to pursue a career in humanitarian journalism, and my mother a poor black Namibian woman raised in a family of 11 children during the Apartheid in Namibia now stands on a world stage as a PhD Solicitor, Human Rights Advocate, High Commissioner of the African Union and proud Namibian Liberation Fighter who gave up everything in her life to fight for what she believed in.


Long before I was born my mum had ambitions of becoming a school teacher, but was forced to abandon her dream under Apartheid rule in Southern Africa. Among a spree of tragedies she had experienced during this time, my mom grew rebellious to this oppressive regime and not willing to settle for all its injustices to black people, she fled her home and her family at 21 years old to join an illegal black political freedom fighting party called "SWAPO" and continue the fight for the liberation of her country in exile. She lived in exile for a huge proportion of her life, sacrificing her own goals, freedoms and ambitions to create a better future for the next generation of young people growing up in Africa, my generation - the "Born Frees".

Because of her, and people like her, I grew up knowing the importance of fighting for change, for equality, for the values of loving unconditionally and never judging anyone by the way they were born. I grew up believing that no matter who you are, what skin colour you are or where you come from, you can change the world. And since I was very young, I’ve vowed to do whatever I can to educate, empower and unite people all over the world.

in 2003, mom was elected commissioner of Social Affairs for the African Union by the 54 African heads of state and so at aged 10, my family and I left Namibia to move to Addis Ababa in Ethiopia. In 2007, I was sent to boarding school in South Africa where, at aged 14, I began my journey as an illustrator by designing "MunkiNation", a graphic novel about the future of the world.


I came to London at 18, and within my first few months began working as a freelance graphic designer while taking my first steps in beat-making for an amateur rap group called 'Kickin Rox'. Four months in I discovered an interest in photography and then joined an East London-based music

magazine known at the time as The Guestlist Network, as their primary photographer & videographer. Later I was promoted to Channel Presenter for the same magazine and interviewed the likes of Public Enemy, Pendulum, Labrynth, Flux Pavillion, Doctor P and Andy C. In the same year I began an apprenticeship to the founder of Ninja Tune Records, VJ technology pioneer and member of Coldcut, Matt Black who I still continue to work closely with to date.


I left that position in September 2012 to begin my studies at the University of Newcastle. By my second year, I began to rap/MC around the city, and performed my very first show at World Headquarters alongside General Levy and MC Shaddo for an event known as Lively Up. I soon found a keen passion for performance and connecting DJs and crowds across the country and in the years since have performed at a variety of events around the world supporting the likes of Grandmaster Flash, Coolio, Newham Generals, P Money, Logan Sama and many others.


By October 2016, I’d graduated with a degree in Architecture, completed a Professional Certification in Sound Engineering and Music Production from the London School of Sound and won a $20,000 scholarship to further my training as a music producer and sound engineer with the Icon Collective in Los Angeles, one of the most prestigious electronic music production schools in the world.


So where does this range of experience get me? Graphic design, beat-making, photography, film, rap, architecture, music production and sound engineering. For me, it’s always been about telling a story.


I’m combining my skills to create multimedia experiences and moving narratives that deeply connect with people, and through that connection they grow more compassionate, empowered and aware. This is my dream. In the coming years I hope to collaborate with social influencers, scientists, economists, politicians, activists and storytellers from all over the world to create fact-based stories that inspire people around the world to live better, more love focused, healthier lives.


I’m looking for people who share my values of unity, spirituality, art and technology to help because more than anything else I want to inspire people to take active roles within their communities, to care about all life on this planet and the environment we inhabit, to incorporate love and compassion into everything they do, and to fight for a better future for us and for all generations to come.

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